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Mytech left side shaped case with fast release

Mytech left side shaped case with fast release https://motoinside.net/gb/top-and-side-cases/904-7836-mytech-left-side-shaped-case-with-fast-release.html#/510-capacity-33_l/560-colori_mytech-silver
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Aluminium left side shaped case fast release. Only for MyTech frames

Available for shipment in 3-5 working days

  • The MyTech RAID case shaped on the left with fast release, is developed entirely in aluminum with a 2 mm thick side body and with 1.5 mm thick bottom and lid.
  • To ensure maximum waterproofing, the suitcase body is a single tungsten inert gas welded element and the lid has an effective rubber gasket that perfectly copies the closing perimeter.
  • In both motorcycle cases the lid is removable, it can be opened from both sides and has a patented closing system with magnet, which prevents accidental opening of the lid while the vehicle is running, if the suitcase has not been closed with the keys supplied.
  • The paint used has high scratch and corrosion resistance characteristics and the handles and attachments for the straps are entirely in stainless steel, to ensure maximum durability and resistance.
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